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Our On-site utility™ Solutions

In the current financial climate, organisations are constantly seeking solutions that will cut costs, enhance efficiency and improve cash flow.

EuroSite Power has developed an innovative financial solution that provides significant economic and operational benefits to organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Our On-Site Utility™ Solution delivers real cost savings by efficiently generating low cost, low carbon energy on your property using highly efficient mechanical plant such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or natural gas fuelled air source heat pumps or chillers. Such equipment will generate electricity, heating, hot water and/or cooling much more economically than can be sourced from out dated plant and traditional utilities via the National Grid – if it’s expertly operated.

EuroSite Power is expert at operating mechanical plant of this type and achieving the optimum economic return throughout the entire lifecycle of the equipment.

This equipment is installed on your property, paid for, owned and operated by EuroSite Power. We assume all operating risk and even pay for the gas consumed by the equipment.  Our customers benefit from the certainty of low cost, low carbon energy without having to invest capital or assume operational risk.

Alternatively, our On-Site Utility Lite™  delivers an operation and maintenance service that optimises the return from your existing Combined Heat and Power, Chiller or heat pump installations. Unlike traditional maintenance contracts where the customer pays for the gas used by the equipment, EuroSite Power’s team of experts will operate and maintain your plant taking responsibility for all aspects of ensuring it runs at optimum efficiency. You can therefore be confident that your asset is delivering consistent cost savings whatever happens.

Whether it’s your equipment or ours, you simply pay for the energy that is generated and that you need which in turn comes with a guarantee that it will be significantly cheaper than the displaced energy you would otherwise have consumed from the National Grid.

Our On-Site Utility™ solutions have particularly benefitted organisations in the following sectors:

  • Hotels
  • Leisure centres and fitness clubs
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Housing

Find out more about our On-Site Utility™ Solutions by contacting us to discuss your requirements.

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