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On-site utility solutions

EuroSite Power’s On-Site Utility™ Solutions facilitates the efficient production of energy on your property, so you buy less electricity from the grid, reducing the run time of your boilers, the result - your costs are lower from day one. Operating the equipment on a constant basis also has the considerable benefit of lowering your building’s carbon footprint.

Our On-Site Utility™ Solution – an off balance sheet financial solution

EuroSite Power's On-Site Utility™ provides an alternative to the outright purchase of energy systems such as combined heat and power (CHP) or gas engined chiller systems or air source heat pumps. Our approach results in EuroSite Power designing, installing, owning, operating and maintaining these energy systems on-site at your property.

Using these highly efficient energy systems we supply electricity, heat, hot water and/or chilled water to your building at a price we guarantee to be lower than your electricity supplier or existing ageing systems.  You simply receive a monthly bill for the energy we produce on-site. We show you how much energy (kWh) you consumed and how much money you saved relative to purchasing that same amount of energy from your energy supplier or existing systems. Because we own and operate the on-site energy system at your site you pay no capital costs; you pay no operating costs and; you pay no maintenance costs. You only pay for the energy that you actually use. It's that easy.

Importantly, our On-Site Utility™ is NOT a finance lease that will appear on your organisation’s balance sheet as additional borrowing and thus will not affect your credit status.

EuroSite Power's On-Site Utility Lite™ – the most efficient way of running existing energy equipment

Our On-Site Utility Lite™ is the best way of making the most of energy systems that are currently being run inefficiently or have simply been switched off or never started due to poor performance or fear of operational issues. EuroSite Power removes all of the operational risk by taking over the operation and maintenance of the system which means that the property owner can immediately start to benefit from our expertise and start to realise the savings potential of systems that were originally installed on the site.

Benefits of our On-Site Utility™ proposition

  • Lower energy costs - the price of energy is discounted for the life of the contract (typically 8% to 20%) below the prices you pay today or are liable to pay in the future
  • No operating costs – we pay for maintenance and we pay for the gas
  • Lower carbon footprint – exempt from the Climate Change Levy and new Carbon Price Support scheme
  • Reduced need for CRC allowances  - lowering the cost of energy
  • Immediate cash flow improvement
  • Increased net income – energy savings fall to the bottom line
  • No responsibility – the system is 100% outsourced. Let our skilled experts do what they do best.
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