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27th September 2016

Haverhill Leisure Centre Six Figure Savings Re-invested into New Facilities

Haverhill, Suffolk, UK – September 27, 2016 – Haverhill Leisure Centre has invited Mark Brown of EuroSite Power (OTCQX: EUSP) to visit its new Gym and Power Room refurbishment and upgrade, which the financial savings generated by one of the company’s innovative energy-saving agreements helped fund.

Managed by Abbeycroft Leisure, Haverhill Leisure Centre was the first in the UK to sign a special agreement with EuroSite Power to deliver reduced energy bills for 15 years.

Under the agreement, made in March 2012, EuroSite Power installed a combined heat and power (CHP) system at the leisure centre, providing the equipment, installation and maintenance, all free of charge.

Maintaining ownership of the equipment on site, EuroSite Power has since been providing the leisure centre with clean energy in the form of electricity, heating and domestic hot water, at a price lower than if it had continued to buy energy directly from the grid.

The savings are achieved primarily by reusing, rather than wasting, the heat generated by the system in converting gas into electrical energy.

Since the system was switched on, Haverhill Leisure Centre has enjoyed six figure savings, as a combination of the avoided capital equipment costs and lower energy bills. The system has also reduced the site’s carbon dioxide emissions by around 224 tonnes a year.

Directing the savings straight into new and existing facilities for the benefit of its users, the leisure centre has been able to reinvest into the development of the business.

Abbeycroft Leisure Operations Director Simon Ginders-Coxshall said: “EuroSite Power launched its pioneering approach to helping leisure centres and other large buildings save energy in 2011, so we are very proud to have been one of the first to sign-up. Because we avoided the major capital costs that would have been required to buy the energy-saving equipment they installed ourselves, we have been saving costs from day one, meaning we have been able to reinvest the savings into the new Gym and Power Room refurbishment and upgrade.”

Visiting the new facilities, Mark Brown, Pre Sales Engineer of EuroSite Power, said: “Combined heat and power technology provides a fantastic way to reduce energy bills and lower carbon emissions. We developed our On-Site Utility solutions to make the equipment accessible, so that users can enjoy the savings immediately and risk-free, which helps introduce more people to the cost-cutting, green technology available.

“It is immensely gratifying to be able to physically see how our customers have invested the savings we have provided, improving facilities for customers and supporting the long term infrastructure of their business,” added Mr. Brown.

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