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Renewable Energy Solutions

Solar PV

Energy from the sun is a limitless renewable source of energy generation that, when combined with a solar photovoltaic panel works by absorbing sunlight and converting it into electricity. Solar PV panels can be building mounted or stand-alone.

Onshore Wind

Although offshore wind forms the backbone of the UK’s renewable power revolution, onshore wind will have an increasing role to play in the future switch to renewable energy.

Battery Storage

Electricity storage technologies are essential to speeding up the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy. While many storage technologies exist, battery storage systems based on lithium-ion batteries are devices that enable energy from renewable generation, like solar and wind, to be stored and then released to customers when they need power the most. They help smooth the imbalance that naturally occurs between the supply of renewable electricity and consumer demand, but batteries can also help grid operators in other ways, all of which provide the opportunity to maximise the value of the installed solution.

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