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Discover a powerful, green alternative to conventional CHP

Our Green CHP technology offers an innovative and brand new way to meet your sustainability ambitions. Download our e-guide to understand how a certified bio-methane injection can provide a zero carbon alternative to conventional CHP.


Our Green CHP technology is a perfect fit for most large organisations’ needs.

How to make it happen: On-Site Utility

Introducing On-Site Utility

We have created a proven, trusted model to fully-fund your on-site Green CHP energy generation solutions called On-Site Utility (OSU).

No financial outlay

OSU takes care of the upfront costs of installing our Green CHP solution, so you don’t have to make any significant financial outlay.

Lifetime care

Our OSU model ensures hassle-free ownership – we install, maintain and operate the whole Green CHP system over the course of its lifetime.


We agree to pay for the RGGO certificates which make your gas green. If the price of the RGGOs rises during our contract with you, we shoulder the cost.

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Why Green CHP?

Fuelled on bio-methane, our Green CHP uses similar reciprocating gas engine technology to a conventional CHP but takes advantage of certified bio-methane injection to provide a 100% zero carbon solution. It’s important to know that currently, there is no other Green CHP solution available on the market.

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Our On-Site Utility model makes sound commercial sense and offers an easy route to long-term energy price security. Drop us a line to find out more.

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