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13th June 2019

New Taskforce launched to help reach net zero ambitions

Following the commitment from the UK Government to achieve net zero carbon by 2050, Business in the Community has launched a Net Zero Carbon Taskforce, chaired by the CEO of Drax Group’s B2B energy supply businesses, to ensure companies across the UK can play a greater role in combatting the climate crisis.

Business in the Community is the oldest and largest business-led membership organisation dedicated to responsible business, created nearly 40 years ago by HRH The Prince of Wales to champion responsible business and mobilise the collective strength of its members as a force for good in society.

Its new Net Zero Carbon Taskforce’s mission is to inspire and mobilise businesses to reverse the impacts of the climate crisis – the greatest threat to communities and economies globally. The taskforce’s members also include major organisations such as including Sky, Aston Martin, EDF Energy, Lloyds Banking Group, UPS, BEIS, the Environment Agency and Eco-Act, as well as Drax Group.

Jonathan Kini, CEO of Drax’s B2B energy supply businesses, Opus Energy and Haven Power, which collectively make Drax the largest supplier of renewable energy to businesses in the UK, was selected as chair of the taskforce.

Gudrun Cartwright, Environment Director at Business in the Community, said:

“Achieving net zero carbon is a critical task if we are to avoid leaving a legacy of broken planetary life support systems. While Business in the Community endorses this target, 2050 may be too late according to current science-based predictions. UK cities are committing to earlier targets such as Glasgow’s target to achieve net zero carbon by 2045, Manchester by 2038, Edinburgh and Bristol by 2030 and Nottingham by 2028.

“Business must be at the forefront of the transformation we need, bringing the innovation and entrepreneurial flair to accelerate change. Drax and the other members of our new taskforce are leading the charge and I am excited about what we can achieve together.”

Jonathan Kini, CEO of Drax Group’s B2B energy supply businesses and chair of Business in the Community’s Net Zero Carbon Taskforce said:

“Business in the Community’s Net Zero Carbon Taskforce aims to identify the simplest, most effective actions businesses can take, to collectively have a serious impact on climate breakdown and ensure a just transition that benefits all.

“The barriers to sustainability vary from business to business – I know from conversations with our customers that making improvements often appears unnecessarily complicated. We want to break down those barriers and make the solutions simpler to implement, so UK businesses can quickly and easily take effective steps to address the climate crisis.”

The taskforce’s initial focus will be on developing a toolkit for business action in operations and across value chains and creating a roadmap for the business contribution to a transition to net zero.

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