Green CHP by EuroSite Power

Green CHP

Green CHP is a new zero carbon CHP solution specifically designed for today. While green hydrogen fuelled CHP is a technology for the future our Green CHP offer has been designed for organisations needing an immediate transitional solution as part of their zero carbon goals.

Traditional gas CHP technologies

Conventional CHP

Gas CHP is a proven low carbon technology that provides a highly-efficient on-site generation solution for buildings that require heat or hot water all year-round. By capturing and using heat locally, traditional gas CHP can achieve efficiencies of around 90% while still reducing a building’s carbon footprint, even as the grid electricity emissions factor reduces.

Solar technologies by EuroSite Power


Energy from the sun is a limitless renewable source of energy generation that, when combined with a solar panel works by absorbing sunlight and converting it into electricity or heat. Solar PV panels can be building mounted or stand-alone.

Heat pump technology by EuroSite Power

Heat pumps

Heat pump technology decarbonises the production of heat and hot water used in building. This is achieved by converting heat production from natural gas to electricity and when combined with renewable on-site generation systems like solar PV or green electricity from the grid heat pumps provide a zero-carbon heating solution.

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