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Discover a powerful, green alternative to conventional CHP

Our Green CHP technology – already configured to use future hydrogen fuel – offers an innovative way to meet your sustainability ambitions. Get in touch to see how certified bio-methane injection can provide a zero carbon alternative to conventional combined heat and power solutions.


How does Green CHP work?

Combined heat and power systems that use energy efficient technology whilst reducing carbon emissions. With Green CHP, you can go further. Green bio-methane is injected into the grid to create certified green gas. All the fuel you use comes with industry-standard Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs) to prove that your CHP system is renewable.

Hydrogen-ready technology

Green hydrogen is the green fuel of the future. But it’s not currently available in large quantities and won’t be for some years. However, every Green CHP system we install is hydrogen-ready. So, as green hydrogen production ramps up, you’ll be well prepared with the technology in place to use it.

Meet EuroSite Power

We offer no-risk, fully funded combined heat and power plant energy solutions that help businesses harness the long-term commercial and environmental benefits of Green CHP through hydrogen-ready on-site energy generation.

Energy as a Service

We help you take control of current and future energy prices.

Our On-Site Utility solution is a fully-funded model that unlocks the benefits of on-site generation – without the need for CapEx or commercial risk. We also install, operate and maintain the Green CHP assets over the course of their lifetime.


No upfront investment and no risk

No CapEx is required and all technical, operational and commercial risk is covered by us

Energy price protection

Start saving from day 1 – enjoy a guaranteed discount against current and future energy prices.

Reduced tax load

Our solution provides exemption from carbon taxes and maximises available incentives.

Operational excellence

We take care of the operation, maintenance, and performance over the lifetime of the assets

How we work

Our four-stage On-Site Utility process enables you to benefit from Green CHP and long-term savings as quickly and as simply as possible.


We audit your site and recommend a Green CHP & long-term savings as quickly and simply as possible


We work to an agreed project plan so that work is carried out with minimal disruption to you.


The Green CHP system is integrated with your existing systems and monitored by our team 24/7


Our expert engineers maintain the Green CHP system throughout its lifetime, optimising it for maximum efficiency.


We’re on a mission to minimise energy costs and environmental impact using fully funded innovative energy solutions

What sets us apart?


We’re trusted by global brands & UK Government to provide long-term solutions to carbon reduction and security of energy prices.


We’re agile and flexible enough to suit the needs of many different types and sizes of site.


Our aim is simple: to be honest, open and transparent in our dealings with you at all times. So you’re never left in the dark about the detail.


We value the partnerships we build with our customers. So our contracts are built on a foundation that is fair to both you and us.

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Our On-Site Utility model makes sound commercial sense and offers an easy route to long-term energy price security. Drop us a line to find out more.

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