The Ability Group sought a solution to deliver operational savings at four locations in its UK portfolio. The implementation of combined heat and power (CHP) technology – fully funded by our On-Site Utility Solution over an extended 30 year contract –  is now delivering economic, operational and environmental benefits at all four sites. This arrangement guarantees direct energy cost savings by generating a substantial portion of the required electricity and heat at each of the sites. Crucially, the CHP systems are owned, operated and maintained by EuroSite Power – thus resulting in zero capital and resource expenditure for The Ability Group.


1023 luxury rooms across 4 sites

Multiple restaurants, bars

Numerous leisure facilities

Function and conference spaces

Forecast gross CO2 saved

Forecast energy saving

Forecast electricity generated

Forecast heat generation


Reduce operating costs 

Electricity - lighting and power for public areas, bedrooms and hotel facilities
Heat - hot water production for swimming pools, leisure facilities and space heating
Air conditioning systems - used to keep rooms and whole complex cool


Wide range of facilities operating 24/7

Constant energy usage due to the range of facilities offered and the 24 hour nature of the portfolio
Need for installed equipment to be quiet in operation to avoid disturbing guests
Integration with the wide range of electrical and heating systems found across the hotel portfolio


Implemented: On-Site Utility Solution

Combined heat and power (CHP)

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